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PotsdamerPlatz Photography Tours Berlin

PotsdamerPlatz Photography Tours Berlin

The “Contemporary Architecture Photography Tour” will start at the Potsdamer Platz.
The Potsdamer Platz was the beating heart of Berlin’s nightlife in the 1920s and 1930s and the busiest traffic center in Europe. It was bombed out of existance during World War II and left desolate during the Cold War. After the fall of the Wall in 1989 Potsdamer Platz became the site of major redevelopment projects like the Sony Center, the Beisheim Center, the Potsdamer Bahnhof and a new Marlene Dietrich Platz. The beating of this new heart of the Berlin Metropolis is still a controversial topic. From Potsdamer Platz we will walk along the Holocaust Memorial site to the Parliamentary and Government Quarter  on the banks of the river Spree. Here we can find the Reichstag building with its beautiful glass dome at the top, the Paul Löbe- and Marie-Elisabeth Lüders House and the BundesKanzlerambt (German Chancellery). After that we take a stroll through the Spreebogen Park and cross the river on the Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke to the Washingtonplatz and the Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) the endpoint of our tour.


During this tour I will give some background information and essential instructions of how to capture the best photos of these highlights. We will talk about technical basic skills like: How to use shutterspeed, aperture, iso and depth of field? Other topics are: Composition techniques, colors (and Black and White), HDR, Panoramas, Auto- and manual focus, Lenses, Tripods and Flash photography.

On top of this we will explore more creative aspects like “seeing the light” and how to look at subjects in different ways to unlock your inner artist. The tour will be an inspirational experience and give you all the tools for further photographic explorations on your own!

There is individual attention for each participant.
The lenght of the guided photography walking tours is 7-8 km so put on your walking shoes.
A drop of rain is no reason to cancel the tours.
Everyone with a camera (even a phonecamera) is welcome, from beginner to more advanced photographers.
For the evening tours a tripod will give much better results.

Starting point of the “Contemporary Architecture Tour” is the Potsdamer Platz at the Old Traffic Lights Clock.

Duration: 4 hours. Language: English or Dutch.
Time: 10.00h-14.00h (day tour) or 18.00h-22.00h (evening tour).


1 person: 120€ 90 2 persons: 180€ 140 €

3 persons: 210€ 180 € 4 persons: 240€ 200 €

NO RISK INVOLVED! Payment after the Tour is done but only if you are satisfied!


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