Photography Walking Tours Berlin

Photography Workshops Berlin 2017

A Photography Walking Tour in Berlin is an excellent way to gain tremendous improvements of your photography skills in just a few hours.

As an experienced professional artist-photographer and teacher working in Berlin (and the Netherlands) I will help you to sharpen your photographic eye, develop your technical skills and to stimulate your creativity!


Berlin is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, mixing rich history with a dynamic atmosphere. It is a center for the arts, with countless museums and galleries and a rich theatre scene, and a strong reputation for fashion, design and music.

 There are 3 different Photography Walking Tours:

Photography Walkin Tours Berlin Ampelman

“Highlights of Berlin” a photography walking tour along general highlights.

“Contemporary Architecture” a photography walking tour along contemporary architecture.

“Traces of the Wall” a photography walking tour along the remainings of the Berlin Wall.

These Photography Walking Tours in Berlin will be an inspirational experience and give you all the tools for further personal photographic explorations and developments. (“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera” Dorothea Lange.)

During the tour I will provide essential instructions of how to capture the best photos of these highlights. We will talk about technical basic skills like: How to use shutterspeed, aperture, iso and depth of field? Other topics are: composition techniques, hdr, panoramas, colors (and Black and White), auto- and manual focus, lenses, tripods and flashlight.

On top of this we will explore more creative aspects. Learn to ”see the light” and how to look at subjects in different ways to unlock your inner artist! Take a look here for examples of photo opportunities during the Photography Walking Tours in Berlin.

  • We will work with max. 1-4 people so there is personal attention for each participant
  • The tours will cover 7-8 km so put on your walking shoes
  • A drop of rain is no reason to cancel the tours
  • Everyone is welcome, from beginner to advanced photographers
  • For the evening tours a tripod will give much better results

Duration: 4 hours. Language: English or Dutch.
Time: 10.00h-14.00h (day tour) or 18.00h-22.00h (evening tour).


1 person:   120€   90    2 persons: 180€  140 €

3 persons: 210€ 180 €    4 persons: 240€  200 €

NO RISK INVOLVED! Payment after the Tour is done but only if you are satisfied!



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